Monday, June 6, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long Ask for more Money to start New Churches

    After announcing that he and his church has been audited, this dog begs for his followers to give thousands of dollars to build more churches.
    Long asked members of the congregation who could make $500 or $1,000 donations to give those seed offerings.

    Long also talked about the results of a certified audit against the church saying, “We just got our audit back, certified audit back from 2010, and 2009, we already had 2010 totally clean audit from an independent auditing firm. All your money is being done right and calculated right.”Long also announced to his congregation the start of new church location in Birmingham, Ala.

    This comes days after the announcement that Long plans to launch New Birth Denver in Colorado.
    I hope his followers wake up! This is clear that he is a bootlegger, a liar and a cretin. He wears a lace front for Hera's sake. He cannot be taken this seriously! Come on Black folks, WAKE THE FRAK UP!

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