Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interesting Quote: Brandon Floyd

    My father went to work every day. He attended every single parent/teacher conference, and was the first one at any extracurricular event I participated in –even as it became obvious that it would always be school plays, and never a football game. He knew that he was a good provider, and the best parent that he could be. But I imagine that noticing that his only son might be gay made him feel like he had failed at being a good man –because he had been told that a good man raises his son to be the same, and a good man is not a gay man. So I watched my father work to appreciate me, and separate the son he was raising from the son that he thought I should be. I’m sure that for so many fathers of gay men the struggle is quite the same: working against the confines of traditional masculinity.
    This is a great piece about a gay boy being raised by his father.

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