Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marvel Studios will NOT have a panel at Comic-Con

    Comic Con received some interesting news or maybe a set back. Marvel Studios will NOT bring anything to Hall H (the big ballroom), making it the fourth movie studio to sit out of Hall H this year.

    Hero Complex reports:
    “Go big or stay home,” is how one Marvel insider put it, and that logic is seemingly embraced by rival Warner Bros. with “Man of Steel,”  the 2012 feature-film revival of Superman that is conspicuously absent (at least at this point) from the Hall H program. “The Dark Knight Rises,” Warner’s follow-up to its billion-dollar Batman film in 2009, is also M.I.A., but Gotham City filmmaker Christopher Nolan has never set foot in Hall H so this latest absence may add to his mystique, but it won’t shock anyone. 

    The sci-fi epic “John Carter” is also a notable absentee in Hall H, but Disney is holding it back for a very specific reason — it will be a centerpiece (along with “The Lone Ranger“) at August’s D23 Expo, the Anaheim event that is being constructed as a Disney-dedicated rival convention.
    This is not a total loss; they will be present at Comic Con, but the details are unknown.Source URL:
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