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Hilary duff pictures and wallpapers

Scarlett and Marilyn

Friday, May 30, 2008

Kim Kardashian's Ebay Auction For Charity

Red Carpet Regulars - Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie rules the red carpet with her breathtaking beauty. She was sensational in yellow at the Cannes Film Festival. She looked simple and elegant at the premiere of The Assassination of James by the Coward Robert Ford. And she awed
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Red Carpet Regulars - Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon always endears on the red carpet. Her charm and sweet Southern-belle appeal make her our favorite girl next door turned glamour goddess. Rocking a punchy yellow dress at the 2007 Golden Globes, an eggplant-colored gown at the 2007 Oscars, and a basic black strapless number at the premiere of her film Rendition, she looked cute, classic, and style-savvy.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kim Kardashian Leaving Mr. Chow's Restaurant

Red Carpet Regulars - Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes with or without her arm-candy hubby, Tom Cruise, Ms. Holmes has evolved into a sophisticated, chic, and beautiful star. She looked gorgeous in a Grecian-inspired gown at the Lion for Lambs premiere. She was striking with her new bob and bangs at the Bambi Awards. And her cute classic silver frock was party-perfect at the premiere of her film Mad Money.
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Red Carpet Regulars - Eva Longoria

    Eva Longoria always looks lovely. The sexy actress simply sizzled wearing a sparkly little number at the Emmys, sporting a frilly minidress at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and channeling Old Hollywood at the SAG Awards.Source URL:
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Kirsten post-depression

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    "Kirsten Dunst is opening up about her stint at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah earlier this year, saying that she sought help for depression, not for drug or alcohol abuse.

    "I was struggling, and I had the opportunity to go somewhere and take care of myself," Dunst, 26, tells E! Online. "I was fortunate to have the resources to do it. My friends and family thought it was a good idea, too."

    In February, Dunst checked into the same posh facility where Lindsay Lohan and Eva Mendes have been treated.

    "She does drink and she does have wild nights, but that was never the root of her issues," a source close to Dunst tells PEOPLE. "She couldn't control her depression."

    When Dunst entered rehab in February, another friend told PEOPLE that the actress had been feeling low for some time. "She's been crying a lot lately, " said the friend. "Everybody hits that bottom where you feel [so] scared that that one heavy night of partying can really wake you up. It's good she's getting herself help."

    As for why she decided to talk about her struggles now, Dunst tells E!, "Now that I'm feeling stronger, I was prepared to say something ... Depression is pretty serious and should not be gossiped about." Source:
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Nayantara Looks Sizzing Hot in Black Tight Top

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sexy Black Lace Dresses - Alyson Michalka

Christian Bale talks about Heath Ledger

    "Dark Knight star Christian Bale recalls his costar Heath Ledger as "intense" and "anarchistic" on the set of the set of the late actor's last movie. "He was incredibly intense in his performance, but incredibly mellow and laid-back. Certainly there was this great anarchistic streak to it – just getting dirtier than anybody's envisioned the Joker before," Bale, 34, tells Details magazine.Ledger died on Jan. 22 of a prescription-drug overdose at the age of 28. And Bale laments that the film "was something I wanted to share with him – and expected to do so."

    "And I can't do anything else but hope that it will be an absolutely appropriate celebration of his work," he says. In earlier interviews, Bale commended Ledger on doing "one hell of a job."Bale adds that he almost never donned the Batsuit at all because of a deep-seated fear in closed spaces.

    "[I was] just thinking, 'This isn't going to work. I'm claustrophobic, I can't breathe, I'm getting a headache already, and this is all going to go very badly,'" he says.

    But once he overcame his claustrophobia, the actor says, he went on to cheerfully perform much more dangerous feats.

    "I was standing on the corner of the Sears Tower, on the outside, 110 stories up. I felt quite oblivious to it ... not fully aware that the blades were actually just feet from my head", he says". Source:
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R.I.P. Sidney Pollack

    "Director, actor and producer Sydney Pollack -- who died Monday, at age 73 -- made some terrific movies and some that were not so hot. But his death represents a loss the meaning of which isn't immediately apparent, at least not until you start fitting it into the context of what mainstream Hollywood filmmaking used to be, and what it has become.

    Pollack was a filmmaker who believed, even past the time many others had given up, that you could make a good mainstream movie about a serious subject, and he believed -- right up to his last few fiction features, the highly imperfect but well-intentioned pictures "The Interpreter" (2005) and "Random Hearts" (1999) -- in making movies for grown-ups, pictures that at least attempted to tell adult stories. Even when it became not just unpopular but almost untenable to do so, he continued to put his faith in the strength of a script and the quality of his actors' performances.

    But in the past 20 years or so, Pollack has been a strong presence in the movies even when he wasn't behind the camera. In recent years he's meant more to me as an actor than as a filmmaker, but that's in no way a denigration of his career: Even in a small role (and even in a bad movie) Pollack would often be the guiding spirit of a picture. He'd show up on-screen and, sometimes with just a single line of dialogue, become a flashpoint for everything that makes us human, a way of recognizing bits of ourselves even in a character who may -- we think -- be nothing like us. That's not a negligible contribution to the movies; it's representative of everything that keeps us going to the movies, period.

    In Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut," Pollack should have been scarcely believable as a sleazy zillionaire who runs a sordid sex ring. But even though Pollack is an inherently warm presence in any movie, warmth isn't the same as likability, and his performance in "Eyes Wide Shut" reminds us of that: Pollack has always played people, not qualities (greed, lust, what have you), and even though you or I may not know what Pollack was really like as a human being, it's always been clear that he's found the key to each role deep inside himself: His performance in "Eyes Wide Shut" stings even more because it's Sydney Pollack up there: a man who ought to be considered a monster also has a face you can't help trusting.

    The list of wonderful Pollack performances, including his turn as a crusty, seen-it-all lawyer in "Michael Clayton" (which he also produced), is too long to detail. He has often been marvelous in his own movies, including, of course, his performance in "Tootsie" as the agent who keeps the ego of Dustin Hoffman's title character in check. But I feel bereft knowing that he will never again pop up in some otherwise dismal picture, as he did most recently in "Made of Honor," as Patrick Dempsey's addicted-to-marriage dad. Pollack had crummy lines, including some dumb sex jokes, but the performance is ultimately so tender and so carefully shaped (despite the fact that it consists of only a few scenes) that, 10 years from now, I know it's the only thing I'll remember from the movie.

    One of my favorite Pollack "movies," which also includes a Pollack performance, is the spot he did for Cingular that used to run in theaters before movie showings, reminding audience members to turn off their cellphones. In this miniature masterpiece, Pollack barges into a kitchen and interrupts the babbling phone conversation of a clueless kid. Pollack berates the guy for his "performance": How are we supposed to believe anything he's saying? He has no conviction, no energy, no soul. The spot is brilliant for the way it parallels the absurdity of a filmmaker directing real life with the annoyance of a ringing cellphone throwing us out of a movie. But the spot is wrenching for another reason that didn't occur to me until after I heard of Pollack's death: It underscores the fractured relationship between the old way, the Pollack way, of making movies (with care) and the new way of watching them (with one eye on your lit-up cellphone, in case your buddy happens to text you from a party or a bar).

    Pollack, in his performances and in many of the movies he made or produced, always had faith in what movies, and the people in them, could be. His legacy, dropped in our laps at a time when mainstream filmmaking is in trouble if not in crisis, is a challenge to us not to lose faith. And, at the very least, to silence our cellphones and pay attention to what's in front of us".

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Hot Item girl in Homam

Sexy Black Lace Dresses - Thandie Newton

Sexy Black Lace Dresses - Emmy Rossum

Sexy Black Lace Dresses - Gwyneth Paltrow

    Gwyneth Paltrow shows more than a little leg in her thigh-skimming Stella McCartney number. Paltrow keeps it classy by wearing a tailored tuxedo jacket at the UK Premiere of Iron Man. London, April 2008.
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Sexy Black Lace Dresses - Blake Lively

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