Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dreams come true

    Talking about defuncted sites, you'll remember that fansite dedicated to Sarah Roemer, which was linked here with Weirdland. I hope that in the future someone constructs a new site devouted to Sarah, who thanked me personally (via email) for making my fan-videos for her.

    And Sarah has not been the only actress in thanking me for my video-making skills, being Nora Zehetner

    the queen of the down-to-earth stars (you know that Youtube removed some of my videos and my account twice, later my hard-drive collapsed and sadly I lost some of my most beloved videos because I hadn't made any security copy. Sigh.) Well, Nora sent me words of support (I was upset because her videos had been deleted and I had to re-upload them) but Nora was so understanding and lovely, her messages really lifted up my spirit when I was feeling so down. Thank you, Sarah and Nora!
    And thank you to each musician, actor, actress, writer and director who supported me or replied me!

    I hope you reach all your dreams, you know that some say "Be careful what you dream for..." but it's not applicable for me. Now I know that's is the best thing that can happen to you. You helped me when I was going through a nightmare.

    "Life is never easy for those who dream”
    -Robert James Waller.
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Farewell to Wetforwent

Wise teeth

    I had my wise teeth removed, but my front teeth had already juxtaposed slightly, if you remember what Michael Cera told David Letterman about his jaw, my jaw suffered for a while, too. Anyway, this didn't affect his delightful gamosmile, before the wisdom teeth troubles:and after dental surgery:Source URL:
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Jessica Biel

Show your finger

    Ellen Page is not alone in the "intense temper"-"I'll give you the finger" department:
    Seth Rogen in "Pineapple Express".Emile Hirsch with Amanda Seyfried and Ben Foster.Nora Zehetner in "50 Pills".
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"How to lose friends and alienate people" trailer video

"Pineapple Express" Review

    "For those of you who have seen the 1959 classic Some Like it Hot, about two men who witness a mafia killing and then flee the city disguised as women to elude their chasers, Pineapple Express tells the same tale; with the exception that the two witnesses do not flee, only try to flee, from the neighborhood where the corrupted murder took place (and not dressed as women, but as unconscious stoners). Marijuana, the drug that makes our two main characters feel good, is illegal, but no one seems to pay attention to murderers, drug lords or crooked police officers.

    Multitalented director, David Gordon Green (Snow Angels) gives viewers a unique experience. He directs with an eye that dismisses the ordinary. With a budget of $25 million (reportedly Seth Rogen wanted $50 million), Green squeezes every possible nickel out as he literally directs a comedy that is both epic in its style and in its visuals. Pineapple Express lays claim to a couple of gay drug dealers, exciting car chases, a drug war between Asians and crooked cops, gun blazing standoffs, a subpoena officer, and a beautifully orchestrated opening sequence in black and white about the illegalization of marijuana. Two stoner witnesses (Seth Rogen and James Franco), along with their friend Red (Danny McBride), are caught in the thick of all of this. It would be a miracle to find all of this stuff ever again assembled on screen at the same time.Pineapple Express is produced by Judd Apatow - the recent sensation and rejuvenator of the comedy genre- as he once again disperses his patented “Apatow Touch,” which is the ability to make the male gender bond under the most uncommon of circumstances. Teaming the marijuana buyer/murder witness/subpoena giver, Dale Denton (Rogen) with the marijuana seller/doer, Saul Silver (Franco) paves the road for a succession of hilarious sequences, with some occasional dry spells, between the two as they flee from lady cops, two hit-men, a drug lord, Asians and other outrageous people who are only involved in making money. Of course it produces laughs. But we don’t realize, until after we've left the cinema, just how subtle the film’s story is. That amidst the array of pot, explosions, sex and virgins, what the team of Apatow has created is a coming of age tale".
    -Review by David DiMichele
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"Something about Harry" episode

Sexy Item Girl Sana Khan In Saree

Kendra Wilkinson In a Miniskirt Playing Golf

    Kendra is an American model and reality television participant, best known as one of the three live-in girlfriends of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.She can be seen on the E! reality series The Girls Next Door. She also appeared in one of Nickelback's music videos in 2007

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playing with guitars

    Not only in "Juno" Ellen Page gave us her finger, in this photo sessions she does it again!And she picked her guitar in company of Bleeker: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also a consummated guitarist:
    The leader actress in "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist", Kat Dennings:
    Michael Cera as Nick plays in a queercore band The Jerk Offs.
    Rivers Cuomo from Weezer:

    Scarlett Johansson in "Nylon" magazine.
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Two stills of Nick & Norah

    "If I make this jump, then this is real, he is real. I will have broken the law for him and that will bind us together forever, outlaws, like Bonnie and Clyde. And look how that worked out for them." -"Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist"Source URL:
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Sophie Chaudhary Looks Stunning at Ashton Martin Event

Italian Fashion Model Elisabetta Gregoraci In Bikini

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