Friday, September 29, 2006

Beautiful future partenaire

    I hope that Jake and Reese connect their chemistry plugs as much as Reese made it with Joaquin Phoenix, or how Jake with Jen Aniston.

    These four scenes above belong to the dotty film "S.F.W." (So Fucking What?), one of my most guilty pleasures of cinema, by Jefery Levy (1994), it's difficult to make its synopsis coherent, as an anonymous viewer in a review for Amazon submitted:

    "A FILM WAY AHEAD OF IT'S TIME. July 25, 1999
    Take a look at this film and you will be amazed at how it predicted the future -- from OJ to JFK jr. Also, how many films have there been since SFW that have dealt with the same themes, but not nearly as well? NBK; Mad City; Truman Show; Ed TV -- SFW is, quite simply, a work of genius -- even more amazing: the book was written by a 17 year old college kid in 1987! The film, while it parodies teen romance films, also deals with the way popular culture (not just the media) takes a person or event, uses it to sell, sell, sell, then discards it, usually destroying it/him. The big cycle of pop culture. Check it out for yourself." -A viewer.

    The antihero is Cliff Spab (performed by Stephen Dorff) and he is kidnapped by terrorists during 36 days in company of Reese Witherspoon (Wendy Pfister). Despite of a childish script and some camera work wreck, I haven't been able to forget its empty message, so although is despised as a dreadful sub "Natural Born Killers" by cinephiles, so fucking what? Some dialogue of the end by Stephen and Reese in the hospital after having been shot by a repressed teenager.

    Cliff Spab: Wendy
    Wendy Pfister: Spab
    Cliff Spab: Wendy
    Wendy Pfister: Spab
    Cliff Spab: Wendy
    Wendy Pfister: Spab
    Cliff Spab: So are we gettin' married or what?
    Wendy Pfister: Hey, guy. You fucking know it.

    And while Reese was running away as Vanessa Lutz in her car in "Freeway", in a time bucle Jake was riding his bike yesterday 28th September in West Village, N.Y.
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