Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

    "Are you going on Thanksgiving Day
    To those family celebrations?
    Passing on knowledge down through the years
    At the gathering of generations

    Every year it's the same routine
    All over, all over
    Come on over, it's Thanksgiving Day

    Papa looks over at the small gathering
    Remembering days gone by
    Smiles at the children as he watches them play
    And wishes his wife was still by his side

    She would always cook dinner on Thanksgiving Day
    It's all over, it's all over
    It's all over the American way
    But sometimes the children are so far away

    And in a dark apartment on the wrong side of town
    A lonely spinster prays
    For a handsome lover and a passionate embrace
    And kisses all over, all over
    All over her American face

    It's all over, it's all over, it's all over

    'Cause today she feels so far away
    From the friends in her hometown
    So she runs for the Greyhound
    She'll spend hours on the bus but she'll reach town
    For Thanksgiving Day

    Come on over, come on over
    Come on over, it's Thanksgiving Day

    At a truck stop a man sits alone at the bar
    Estranged in isolation
    It's been a while now and he seems so far
    From those distant celebrations

    He thinks back to all the mistakes that he made
    To a time when he was so young and green
    Innocent days when they both looked forward to that
    Great American dream

    Now it's all over, it's all over, all over
    And all over America people are going home
    On Thanksgiving Day

    Now Papa looks out of the window
    The sight brings a smile to his face
    He sees all his children coming back home
    Together on this special day

    Come on over, come on over
    Come on over, it's Thanksgiving Day"

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