Monday, April 28, 2008

Nora Zehetner (A "Princess")

    Kip Pardue: "Nora plays Princess Ithaca, who is a person who is misunderstood, to say the least, and she lives in a castle on the hill in this kind of idyllic space. My character, William, enters her life by chance actually. And as he enters into her life he realizes that he’s going to play a much bigger role and finds out that Princess Ithaca really does have powers beyond the mere mortals that most of us are. It ends up being this tale of saving mythological creatures from certain disaster, and Princess Ithaca needs William’s help to make the transition to the next princess.-I notice that you’ve both worked on both TV and film, and I was wondering how you feel production on the film set has differed from the TV set and with your relationship to the other actors.
    Nora Zehetner in the indie flick "Fifty Pills"

    N. Zehetner: Actually I do a lot of independent films and they’re on tight schedules too. But I think generally speaking it’s a tighter schedule. We shot this entire thing in four weeks. Luckily Kip and I knew each other before, so we had a nice time in Toronto.
    K. Pardue: I’m sure Nora will embarrass me about the dancing situation.

    N. Zehetner: No, I wasn’t going to. I was going to let you go for it. Well actually we went to a dance lesson, or dance rehearsal, because there is this big choreographed dancing, which was delightful for me, I was thrilled, because I took dance when I was younger, ballet. And so just to be in a dance studio was really fun. Kip was not as pleased to spend the day in a rehearsal studio learning ballroom dancing. And I had my hoopskirt inside out, is what I realized happened, so it didn’t really flow properly. So I was constantly tripping in rehearsal until somebody told me I had it inside out, and I felt pretty silly.-How does it feel to play a part in a Disney fairytale?

    N. Zehetner: It was wonderful for me. I had so much fun. When they sent me the script and it was called it Princess, I was like, please let it be about a real princess. And I read it and it was and I was so excited and I immediately kind of got thrown into this series of fittings where they were building all these dresses on me. And it was just kind of an amazing thing to go into my trailer in the morning in sweats and come out in these gowns with tiaras and masses of hair and it was kind of a fairytale, a little girl’s dream. It was lovely.
    -Could you talk a little bit about the other upcoming projects that you guys have lined up.

    K. Pardue: Nora.

    N. Zehetner: Oh, me first. Ok. I have a film called "Spooner" that they’re just finishing right now. It’s kind of a sweet, quirky kind of romantic comedy with Matthew Lillard. And I did a small part in "The Brothers Bloom", that has an amazing cast.
    It’s a great movie. I just saw it the other day.
    I think it comes out in the fall. I don’t know. Nora and Noah Segan (who played Dode in "Brick") will coincide again in "The Brothers Bloom", -this guy Noah is an underrated intense actor and totally a hottie, keep an eye on him!-

    N. Zehetner: I have a couple of other things lined up to do but I think those are the only ones that are completed. Oh, and "Remarkable Power", I guess. I don’t know what’s going on with that, which Kip is in. "Princess" is obviously a strong fantasy-based movie and I know Nora has been in "Heroes" as well". Source:


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