Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Spooner" trailer and teaser scene

    I really want to watch this film, featuring Nora Zehetner in another leading role, she's wonderful (she has sent me love for the New Year 2009!). Nora likes my videos, Amanda Seyfried enjoyed my fan-video I made for her, even my musician ex-boyfriend loves my clips, so tomorrow there will be a new video (like a small resumé saying goodbye to 2008), uploaded in youtube and facebook.

    Director: Drake Doremus
    Writer: Drake Doremus
    Cast: Matthew Lillard, Nora Zehetner, Shea Whigham

    Release: TBA 2009 Herman Spooner is a used car salesman who still lives at home with his parents. Spooner is fairly set in his unfulfilling routine, but turning 30 marks a hard deadline set by his mom and dad to get a place of his own. To top it off, Spooner's boss is putting on the pressure to bring in some numbers, or face the chopping block. Headed for one of the worst days of his life, Spooner meets the girl of his dreams, Rose. Forgoing all other priorities, Spooner is now working on winning her heart, but on their perfect date, she breaks the news that she is about to leave for the Philippines. How far will Spooner go to show Rose he really knows how to spoon?
    Scene from the upcoming SPOONER, world premiere at The 2009 Slamdance Film Festival.

    "Humorous, minimal mushiness and just the right amount of charm keeps you entertained throughout this wonderful story, without falling into predictable indie-cliches, as well as a fantastic performance from lead actor, Matthew Lillard. A great little film that does everything it should."

    - Saucy Brown, Film Programmer Slamdance Film Festival Source URL: http://americanendeavor.blogspot.com/2008/12/trailer-and-teaser-scene.html
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