Friday, December 26, 2008

Videoclips for Christmas

    Brokeback Mountain Revisited video:

    This video is dedicated to Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal for giving us performances that show love transcending social norms and roles. Despite the tragic sentiment of the original movie, I wanted to show a version where Ennis and Jack could have ended up growing old together regardless of "who" is "who" in the relationship. The beauty sometimes lies in the complexity of our relationships and the struggle to define ourselves.

    I hope you all find your Romeo and/or Juliet in yourselves and the ones you love.

    P.S. Heath...May you live forever in our hearts!! ...& I love you Jake!!

    Music: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

    Emile Hirsch (You're the one that I want):
    A musical video featuring images and stills of the talented and gorgeous actor Emile Hirsch.

    Songs "Walk of life" by Dire Straits and "You're the one that I want" ("Grease" soundtrack).

    Jena Malone & Lou Taylor Pucci (sexy scene) in "The Go-Getter" (2007), directed by Martin Hynes.

    "Sparks" trailer by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, starring Carla Gugino, based on a story written by Elmore Leonard.
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