Monday, April 13, 2009

Beauties and cute little beasts

    US Elle May 2009: Drew Barrymore by Alexei Hay.

    Mischa Barton in Cosmopolitan, May 2009:
    Mischa Barton with a little dog.Mischa Barton with a dolphin.Drew Barrymore with a lion on "Vogue" magazine.Sienna Miller walking a tiger.Katy Perry and her cat Kitty Purry.Abbie Cornish and her dog.Anna Faris and a hand dog.Kristen Stewart and her dog.Reese Witherspoon and her chihuahua Bruiser in Legally Blonde.Jennifer Aniston and her white doggy in "Marley & me".Jessica Biel and a brown dog.Edie Sedgwick and a Pekingese Dog.Marilyn Monroe shaking a black dog's leg.Natalie Portman and her Yorkshire dog Charlie.Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal walking his German Shepherd Atticus.James McAvoy and a little dog.Mischa Barton, with a thumb on her teeth.Jena Malone.Anne Hathaway.Scarlett Johansson.Lindsay Lohan.Megan Fox.Source URL:
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