Saturday, January 30, 2010

"No Right Turn" in DVD

    David Noel Bourke's NO RIGHT TURN Officially on DVD from December 22 2009!

    "No Right Turn is a quirky drama from Denmark. The film has a lot going for it, mostly thanks to director David Noel Bourke, who crafts a fascinating and unique vision of betrayal, drug use, and sexual energy. The film is tough to categorize, and it definitely has an arthouse feel throughout. I suppose the best way to describe it is as a combination of David Lynch and Dario Argento as it combines the subtle, dangerous feel of the best Argento gialli with the often bizarre and sexually free nature of a Lynch film.The film is about a beautiful woman named Nina. Nina is a hooker who lives with her deadbeat boyfriend named Johnny, a drug-fueled dreamer who is wasting his life away. However Nina wants more in life, and her methods for obtaining more are manipulative, sexy, and mysterious. Director David Noel Bourke has crafted an excellent film. Each scene is set up with a solid eye for imagery. In Bourke’s world, a simple bath is a chance to craft a memorable scene. There are a variety of killer moments in the film, and each scene feels like a piece of art, often infused with the subtle smoldering of the characters who are each complex and mysterious in their own ways. There are a few pacing problems here and there, but for the most part, Burke keeps the film moving at a solid pace. But the best part of the film might be the performances that Burke culls from his actors.
    Laura Bach is the straw that stirs the drink of No Right Turn. She is a beautiful and dangerous femme, capable of getting raped, and yet still seeming as if she is in total control". Source: www.moviecynics.comSource URL:
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