Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roger Ebert praises Kristen Stewart's acting

    Roger Ebert referring to Kristen Stewart as "an important new actress" (via Twitter):

    "Kristen Stewart is a fine actress. Saints preserve her from Twilight" -Roger Ebert.

    About "The Runaways" Ebert wrote:
    "Joan Jett still tours today, and is an intact survivor. The movie reproduces the Runaways' actual music, which is no better that you might expect, but the acting is very convincing. Kristen Stewart proves once again that she's a rising star, and Dakota Fanning is such a fine actress that I, for one, almost believed I'd always heard her using the f-word. As for Michael Shannon, is he the most unheralded force in acting today, or what?"

    Vanity Fair's Krista Smith speaks to Director Jake Scott and Actors Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo about Welcome To The Rileys

    "Welcome to the Rileys was one of the buzz champs of Sundance 2010. The discovery once again is Kristen Stewart, who after this year's festival can be considered completely rehabilitated after the "Twilight" films. That sounds like unlikely melodrama? So it is. But Gandolfini, Stewart and Leo inhabit it with persuasive performances, and director Jake Scott uses French Quarter locations that add another level of atmosphere. Gandolfini does something here he often does, as in John Turturro's "Romance & Cigarettes" (2005): He demonstrates that although he may not be conventionally handsome, when he smiles his face bathes you in the urge to like him. Kristen Stewart here is tougher even than her punk rocker in "The Runaways". Who knew she had these notes? I'm discovering an important new actress".
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