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Angelina Jolie: "I am courageous to the stupidity sometimes"
    Angelina Jolie gave a long interview to The Mail on Sunday, presumably to promote the release of the English salt. The entire work is here - Angelina sounds ... interesting. I was a little bit "disappointed by the quality of interviews to promote Angelina salt, because too much pressure seems to be on the mother. What I have six children and all, and I totally respect and hey, I'm one of the servants of the Empress of A to Z, like everyone else. Angelina, but I just want a little "crazy in interviews, only to him. However, this interview is not really different, but goes into detail about his work the air and the formation of salt and a few interesting pieces of Brad - he bought a motorcycle.
    Highlights of the long interview: the inability to play a Bond girl: "You wanted me to play a Bond girl in Casino Royale," says Angelina Jolie. "I said," Actually, I want to play with him, I would be Bond. "There's a joke - sort of war." Was an interesting conversation. "The rooms are not like James Bond," The salt is nothing like Bond, "says Angelina Jolie." Many women are femme fatale spy movie and we wanted to avoid. My character is not using her sexuality to get something. It is more difficult than expected. If we fight, it is ugly.

    Someone broke the nose movie. Is not that nice. "As a woman in an action film," I think when people write something for women - at least the films I have done in the past, such as Tomb Raider - not seriously. You are not at first. They are not difficult. So if we wanted a real woman action hero, something that was written not just for a woman. "In searching for real estate agents were comfortable with the CIA:" The two women I met on the future rather small frame, blue eyes, blond hair and seemed to the little shop down the street or run education in Ohio, "he said." But once I to talk with them one can see how this world has been through and how dangerous it was exhausting.

    And women are difficult. I was told that women had difficulty in coping with the real relations. They said the more difficult it is, in a job where you can not talk to your husband what happened. You travel and can not tell your partner to go where they. after the return and can not tell what happened. They said that the prosecution of lies is very difficult and feel distant from people outside the CIA. and women, I think it is very difficult because they are food of the nature and emotional, and it is hard not to want to share and talk. "Changing the script:" In the original script had the character of Edwin Edwina room is our first call your joke, but not for me, "he said, laughing." So we have decided to Evelyn. And I felt that the woman was a child in this situation and if they changed the script.
    If a woman has a child, I think it would be very difficult for us not imagine his participation in the child throughout the film. This is strange because I would a man the public to a child who is with his wife at home have to think so. But it would be hard to identify women can not be 100 percent, to your child. "Ps Evelyn game immediately after the birth of twins:" There is no mother - and then there's the part that wants to bottom making and dirty, "said he said. If the script-Messenger to salt and Jolie was the residence, she was" comfortable in her nightgown am very new with my mother's children. I remember I was with them in my room and knocked to the script.

    He was put down and attack, and very physical and I felt a lot of fun and thought: "If I can, that would be a good balance to be soft at home, and will work hard this shooting, physical function." He seemed a real challenge. And I like challenges. "The stunt work: Jolie, with stunt coordinator Simon Crane and waterfalls Huthart Eunice, half seen in the development of the dramatic action scenes in movies.
    " We much about how whipped Evelyn, "he said. Said:" Bourne is a wonderful opportunity for combat, Bond is a great way to fight, and all the other characters in action movies, have their own styles. So we thought, "What should be adapted to the salt?" And what had become perhaps less obvious for women is so proud, and she represents. Really means. Not flashy, gymnastics, and not innovative enough to say when it comes to him. He has set up, use your elbows, you fight to survive and not beautiful. So it was something like erent woman. The struggles I had been in the past, more elegant. I punch in real life when I was a kid, and I know that the real struggle is hard and dry, not at all. "Brad has bought a red MV Augusta called" moto "I'm not sure what cc-ride." But I can tell you that it is a fast moving and powerful. I was driving a year ago wheel, but did not have one for a long period of time.
    Brad is a very good teacher - he is very patient. I am very impatient, so a bike to destroy, if I did not. Sometimes we go on the road and can not quickly and let your hair down to move. "The trick to do the job:" Fortunately, I'm not afraid of heights. It was great, and even when I was a cable sure if I fell, I like a pendulum suspended and press the side of the building and for evil. With the result of the road has a lot of jumping on cars. But there were some things that I could not get my double Eunice done. A jump was a moving truck to another. I wish I would have tried, but it would be foolish. He could have died and the producers do not want me to have a place - the only thing I need a wire and would not have looked so good. Something to do, a lot of work is wonderful therapy.

    I was not afraid. Can I use a kick out of it. I love that sort of thing. But I am brave, sometimes to the point of stupidity. Maybe you should have a fear. "Film over the wound and be brought to the hospital:" Early in the morning and thought, "This is a piece of cake," he recalls. "So I jumped up, turned and threw one time and hit me right between the eyes and cut me open. I did not like it, but I swore. I had this wound right between the eyebrows, a bit less centimeters long. He helped me and the nurse came and put some gauze on it. But I was very sick and everyone was to learn paranoid. I felt sick and had difficulty even walking for a few seconds. I had all these strange signs of a concussion. So I sent an MRI to be particularly vigilant and everything was so clear to some of the points and connected them and I was right. I returned to work during the day. It's funny because at the end of my film, has the character so a lot of blood and pieces of the summer in one thing only mixed on my face.

    And it remains a small scar. They make the scars on the body for years and not care. And, "the source, and is part of life. bring "In self-defense and in shape after pregnancy," I can manage. And learn self-defense is a good thing for a man or a woman. It is the power. I began to form, it's when children were small, a few hours a day, work in the gym, work on the control of routine, and came back in rhythm. And then I moved, and suddenly I'm running hunted in the street with a gun, and jumps off a bridge and think: "What am I?" How am I here? "I'm an action star, I am the mother of someone.
    " On Brad: "We are very good," he said, laughing. "And we wrote most of things to laugh at us because we are good." It shows a lot of efforts taken to your new relationship planning "to keep nights." I'm very good time. We only had one the other night and went to the side so that you don 't have to know about the paparazzi cares and the boys do not know where we were. We have a house that has two sections, so that the party is usually the studio and office and dining room just a few. If you can not hold together - it is difficult these days, and separated many people - then you have to work, and you should not do when Mom and Dad from time to time. "More of Brad:" He is strong, intelligent, sensitive - and he is a man of truth, in all respects the best that could mean.

    [From Daily Mail Well]. Angelina is really like, is not it? I fear that reality. How to present the popular press as a woman with one eye on the door and the other eye on your co-star Wang, Batsheva all I have t-Crazy in Love with Brad. And what worries me ..
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