Monday, September 27, 2010

Enchanting cottages for holidays

    "A remote cottage on the New England coast is a setting intended to be romantic and haunting. Mildred Natwick plays the owner of the cottage, a lonely widow with an austere manner and seeming intuitiveness for unexplained phenomena, who invites Dorothy McGuire to work as a maid. Miss Natwick’s character displays a kind of sixth sense about people, but we are never given an explanation as to why or how she deftly manipulates the fortunes of those around her, but she has shut herself off from all people until a handsome Robert Young shows up wanting to rent her cottage.

    Dorothy McGuire as Laura Pennington in "The Enchanted Cottage" (1945)

    Young’s mother and stepfather return to visit, and the camera lets us see, if we haven’t figured it out before, that there is no enchantment in the cottage that made them beautiful, that they are beautiful only to each other.

    Perhaps this is what today’s old movie buffs see in this film, when it is taken as an allegory for all the outcasts among us. The possibility of being loved for who you are remains as irresistible as ever". Source:

    Radio was the place where actors who never performed in a film together, could be paired off like Humphrey Bogart and Dorothy McGuire in “The Valiant” on Screen Guild Theater, a play that had been written by another actor in the show, Robert Middlemass.

    Humphrey Bogart, Dorothy McGuire, Robert Middlemass {the Play's Author} & Pedro de Cordoba in "The Valiant" for the Screen Guild Theatre's Radio Programme. September 17th 1945.

    Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund in "Casablanca" (1942)

    "Casablanca, a largely French colonial creation, is Morocco's economic capital, a grid of wide boulevards and stucco municipal buildings mostly built less than a century ago. Locals and guidebooks alike argue that it's a westernised city, warranting just a brief inspection, before you flee to the more "real" Moroccan pleasures of Fez or Marrakech. Yet even though I visit the country regularly, what struck me - at least initially - was just how Moroccan Casa (as everyone calls it) actually is.
    While every large city is a jumble of rich and poor, nowhere seems to embody this tension - and it can feel tense - quite so much as Casablanca.
    "Authentic is the word", says Kathy Kriger, a former US Embassy staffer and confessed eccentric who moved here in 1998. Sitting opposite me at Rick's Cafe, the mythical saloon from the Bogart film that she has brought to life in a beautifully restored riad, she continued: "When I arrived in Casa I was overwhelmed by its authenticity. It's such a complex city, and very anonymous because of its economic power. But it's the real deal, like Marrakech was more than 10 years ago." Source:

    Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan in "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time", which was filmed in Morocco, around Ouarzazate, Marrakech and Merzouga.

    Riad El Nour, middle of Medina Marrakech
    The riad El Nour will surprise you with a calm and peaceful atmosphere right in the middle of the crazy Medina of Marrakech. It is only 2 mn from the museum of Marrakech and the Markets 'souks' and 8 mn from the Place Djemma El fnaa.

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