Monday, March 28, 2011

Duncan Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan - Source Code interview

    “He is an army pilot, and he has tremendous training,” said Gyllenhaal last week while promoting the film. “He knows not always to trust his instinct; he knows to trust instruments in an emergency. But somewhere that instinct kicks in. His (human) instinct is saying don’t go this way ... don’t do that. But then he has to listen to his instruments, as he would as a pilot, and keep his cool.”Gyllenhaal thinks it’s going to be a treat for audiences to watch similar scenes multiple times – each one just a little different, a la “Groundhog Day.” “I found that the exercise in variation, when forced by the constraints of repetition, is fascinating and kept all of our minds always going,” he said of his fellow actors and director Duncan Jones (“Moon”). “When we came to doing the scenes on the train and then coming back to it, we made the choice to kind of make each one, each source code, like its own chapter in a book. So each one had its own name, had its own intention. Within each story, we could improv and vary it. We made lots of different choices all over the place.”“The screenplay was so taut and tight and so strong when I first read it,” he said. “It really started to change when Michelle was cast and when Duncan came on.” Putting a spotlight on the film’s love story was a big question for everyone. “There’s a sort of very emotional romantic aspect to the choice the character makes,” he said. “Duncan, Michelle and I worked on that. It was basically a guy who moves from not being able to ask this girl out for coffee to a guy who can ask this girl out for coffee.” He laughed and added, “He has to get blown up a number of times in the process, but it feels like that when you have to ask out somebody that you’re into.” Source:

    “Swivel chair and polyester,” Farmiga laughed. “It was challenging to make this role interesting. “Duncan is really excitable as a director,” she continued. “He’s one of those directors who doesn’t mind showing you playback.”
    Gyllenhaal, who is plays Colter Stevens, is one of the hottest actors out there right now. He’s done drama, action, comedies and romantic films, but “Source Code” combines them all, and adds a healthy dose of science fiction. “The script that Ben Ripley wrote was so well written that it allowed for variation. It allowed us to play with different things at different times,” Gyllenhaal said. “It was really fun for me.
    “We tried to think about almost everything. But we didn’t want to answer everything because we wanted the audience to participate.” Monaghan said she and Gyllenhaal had not even met each other before “Source Code.” “We really hit it off,” she said. Source: www.azfamily.comSource URL:
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