Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aniston. This is exactly how she sounds

    Here are some new pictures of Jennifer Aniston in Sephora yesterday, New York. At first I thought, Vivienne Westwood dress was orange, but more of an orange, pink, red, right? There Cuckoo tits! And wonky hem. But it's still nice to see them in bright colors, and should work more often, this type of colors - that are consistent with things much more than neutral, and black is generally used. Even when she finally changed her hair, it remains true to his face, right? Ugh. I will not discuss, sorry. This is a good look at them as a whole.
    Aniston was dressed up to Sephora, because it is finally (?) Launches its flavor, "Jennifer Aniston" in the U.S.. Celebuzz still call him "Lola V", and if you call "Aniston", so who knows? You too can smell like you just Butler'd: bones left, then on the beach naked with a hangover, with a great pedicure. You can also smell Aniston: Spirits.

    In other news, Aniston, had the opportunity to read the entire star in a news magazine cover this week, summarizing 2008 Buomo lover Brian says everything about the star Jennifer hopes, dreams and hopes about their future. Now I read everything ... is very incomplete. I do not know a man who speaks directly to his former mistress heterosexual Brian says Aniston. Brian and Aniston only, for example, month, date, and as he talks about it ... Well, I have conspiracy theories, you know. Here are a few "WTF?", Also the lines from the interview:
        "Jen came up to me ... I was only on set for seven hours, but the old content, says it best:" I had hola! "I had a huge crush on her ... it was impossible not to! In the end, it's certainly not difficult to understand, and when combined with the head, intelligence and sweet nature ... I let my guard and was open to in rent "

        "I'm a hundred percent sure that parents do very well! She smart women, smart, who know what they are doing."

        "I stuffed my face with her sweet conversation, beauty, care they showed me ... I have no time with Jen, because she was famous and successful. It is because of the conversation, the first time we talked. You are true, sincere and charismatic. "

        "Actors have to live, obviously, to get used to this lifestyle. If you are in a situation like a celebrity, like a prisoner in a jail cell is very expensive. Must be for Jen to have difficulties in this type of bubble. Life is not something I feel very bad for them, you see - the bubble has some advantages murderer, but if it was the kind of control it makes it difficult to find someone, of course romantic ... I just want to fix the set of files., Jen in the state of happiness. I want to be happy, and I think it is. It is a beautiful, intelligent and a wonderful person! "

        "They gave me was clear, sir. It makes you smile and laugh today. It was fun. But we were made for each other. Jen and I had time, time."

    [From Star Magazine, print edition]

    Sounds like ... Aniston. That is exactly as it sounds. This kind of language you use. "I had to drop their guard and opened to hire for" Fu is like the backbone of the self-help books. Now I left my hat conspiracy. Some theories:

    * Aniston or someone in your public relations team writes these things Brian and said that only a star's easy money, and Aniston.

    * He's dead, gay, and that is really exceptional, and only one nurse for help. Fabulous!

    * He is straight, and his relationship with Aniston was in reading self-help books and self-esteem is based on another (Brian: "You're so beautiful," Aniston: "You deserve love, you're amazing!"). This ratio in 2008 was the last time Brian was so lucky.

    * All this type of regulation Aniston drunk and / or Chelsea Handler ...? This probably makes more sense in the Cape, where they were doing shots with a cabin boy.
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