Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CL of 2ne1 on Elle Girl Korea’s top “100 Idols” (June 15, 2011)

    Comment on 2NE1′s CL

    A. Singing Ability & Performance.
    B. Looks & Style.
    C. Talent & Variety Show Skills
    D. Other/etc

    A. She has the stage in the palm of her hands with her chic, haughty rapping and vocal. (Noh Jun Young – Music critic)

    B. Her nickname is the ‘Female G-Dragon”. Her shopping partner is Jeremy Scott. Need I say more about her style? (Kim Ah Reum)

    C. Her appearance in a programming show is prodigal of her image compared to her enormous force on a music program. (Hyeon Hyeon)

    D. How about a battle with Bom as a solo singer? (Noh Jun Young – Music critic)

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