Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let the (LGBT Pre-Conference) Party Begin

    Today, Netroots Nation kicks off with the LGBT Pre-Conference.

    Many well-known LGBT activists, bloggers, organizers and journalists are coming together to discuss and develop strategies in on-going battle for our civil rights. And some of these LGBT folks are Rod McCullom, Pam Spaulding, Micheal Crawford, Lizz Winstead, Mike Rogers, Joe Jervis and Phil Reese (please Google them if you don't know them)

    I'm so excited (Pointer Sister style) to hear and possibly debate on the next steps for equality. Normally, I'm around folks who agree with me, but here, there will be a diverse range of view points that will definitely challenge my own; and to be honest,  I'm open to that.

    I'm looking for a myriad of views and opinions that can inspire and encourage me. Perhaps these views will keep me in check and remind me why I blog. Sometimes you get so used to doing something, you may not remember the main reason(s) why you are doing it.

    So, hopefully I will be inspired and encouraged to continue the good fight.Source URL:
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