Friday, June 3, 2011

My Review: X-Men First Class

    Before I begin, I will admit I was wrong. I thought X-Men: First Class would suck, but it actually was very good. There were some minor issues, but in all, it was very good... A strong step in the right direction.

    So you know the deal, here comes the vague review of X-Men First Class.
    • They revisited Magneto's origin, giving more insight to his anger.
    • Xavier and Mystique grew up together? Who knew.
    • The Hellfire Club actually fit their comic book image.
    • Why was Riptide a member of the Hellfire Club, he's a Marauder. And Riptide didn't cause whirlwinds, he threw faux ninja stars.
    • Moira Mactaggert and Banshee did NOT have their accents.  Fail!
    • Darwin... I'll just leave that alone.
    • Emma Frost was the bomb! She was thee character right down to the bottom. However, I think the writers didn't know that diamond can cut brass.
    • I didn't like the use of certain mutants from different eras of the X-Men.
    • The story was solid. It felt like I was watching a mutant version 'Inglourious Basterds'.
    • Michael Fassbender is hot.
    • The Hellfire Club's plan was a little far fetched, but kind of something Alan Moore would have made up.
    • Storm's in the movie.
    • We learn that certain X-Men items were made by the US Government, not Xavier.
    • Havok does this weird hula hoop thing to use his powers, it's kinda cute.
    • There were very cool elements of the 60s throughout the film.
    • No Stan Lee.
    • The pacing was great. 2 hours just flew by.
    In all it was a very good movie. I'm interested in seeing what the second class will look like.Source URL:
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