Thursday, March 27, 2008

Madonna goes hard with Hard Candy album cover

    Although I’m all praises about Hollywood veterans still (trying) looking hot and sexy despite their age, I still believe and think that it’s high time stars like Madonna and Demi Moore should act and LOOK their age.

    Just take a look at Madonna’s cover for her latest album, Hard Candy. I know it sure is steamy hot. In fact it proves true to Madonna’s claim that it will “kick your ass”. With the pop diva sporting on a wrestling belt and in a steamy pose, Madonna once again proves that her sex appeal is still there and never fades.

    Well, it sure is still there, but never fades? Come on, I know a lot would disagree but this photo would have been really really hot 15 or 20 years ago. Okay, nothing’s wrong with looking and feeling young. However, I think it’s time for Madonna to really do some moderation.

    No question about her sex appeal, just that, she’s a mother for Pete’s sake!

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