Thursday, March 27, 2008

Miley Cyrus: The Girl Who’s Better in Wax

    Can you actually tell which one’s real and which one’s wax on the photo above? Well let me tell you, the left one’s the real Miley Cyrus and the opposite’s the wax figure showcased at Madame Tussauds in New York City on Thursday.

    Wow! The figure looked just so like the teen sensation. Only, it looked better than the real version I guess. I don’t know but ironically I think the wax figure looks more real than the real one. The eyes; I think they look more alive and lovely. And the smile; it’s more genuine compared to the real Miley. I wonder how they make something as flawless and beautiful as this one.

    According to sources, the first 100 fans who got to see Miley’s wax figure received a free admission t-shirts, CDs, and DVDs. Most fans though were wearing Custom T Shirts with prints like “got Miley?” and “I Heart Miley Cyrus”.

    I think these fans should really visit SonicShack so they can design their own shirts, and maybe put their Miley fanatic creativity in it.

    Gee, I guess more and more kids would get hooked to this Miley mania. I just hope they won’t use this wax figure of their idol as an object of worship. ‘Coz really, this Miley Cyrus mania is scaring me. I have little sisters, too and I get alarmed with how those young ones go gaga over Miley.

    Hmmm… When will I ever get to have my own wax figure like Miley’s? These figures seem to be a measure of one’s popularity in Hollywood. No wonder more and more stars want to be ‘waxed’ too.

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