Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Other One

    Jennifer Aniston and Jake in the deleted Scene in "The Good Girl" (2002): "Jack Fields Is The Enemy".Emilie de Ravin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Brick" (2005).Ellen Page and Michael Cera in "Juno" (2007).

    "while other actors gone musicians succumb to embarrassment and often failure, the Long Goodbye, evidently a leisurely undertaking, embraces the aforementioned, reveling in the band's simple structures, adolescent-in-love lyrics, DIY-ethic, and influences, notably Weezer, which the Long Goodbye sloppily yet endearingly cover with a video performance of "El Scorcho". "My favorite album of all time is Weezer's Pinkerton", Cera says in Spin's September issue, "I hate that Rivers Cuomo is embarrassed by it." Thankfully, Cera and the Long Goodbye aren't nearly as bashful". Source:


    "My girl's a liar
    But I'll stand beside her
    She's all I've got
    And I don't wanna be alone
    My girl don't see me
    when she's with my friends
    She's all I've got
    And I don't want to be alone

    No there is no other one
    No there is no other one
    I can't have any other one
    though I would
    now I never could with one

    All of the drugs she does
    Scare me real good
    She's got a tattoo
    and two pet snakes
    but nobody knows me like her
    nobody knows her like me
    we're all we've got and we don't want to be alone".

    "No Other One" from "Pinkerton" (1996), Weezer.
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