Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mad Beyoncé, Fugly Beyoncé

    Calling the attention of Beyoncé Knowles‘ stylist and beautician, the bootielicious diva badly needs your help! – Seriously.
    Yes, folks that is Beyoncé above. Although a bit distorted and ‘fugly,’ that is her doing the latest ad of her clothing line, House of Dereon.
    Geez, I wonder if the ad’s photographer is just mad at her or something. Anybody who sees this would surely ask what happened to her face; her lips look fuller (but not the Angelina way) and her nose looks odd. You know, if Beyoncé’s that serious in selling clothes, she shouldn’t have done this ad with this kind of look. I bet avatars would look better than her.

    Speaking of which, why don’t the diva and her team visit DollSpace instead and check out the forum’s wide range of avatars created and customized by its users. It would be a better campaign than this one here.
    The House of Dereon is a collaboration of Beyoncé and her mom Tina, where the latter is the designer of the clothing line.
    After being criticized by PETA for wearing and using fur in her clothing line, I’m sure the Destiny’s Child member is up for another set critics for this incredulous ad.
    I am a big Beyoncé fan and I so love her. But her ad here is honestly her best.
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