Thursday, March 27, 2008

Which Nicole Richie look looks best?

    by Rechelle Tolinero

    It’s a Good Friday folks. Although I really am on a recollection mode today, I guess when it comes to celebrity fashion I have to make a little bit of an excuse. ***Guilty face***

    Anyway, it’s time for another which celebrity look looks best. Today, it’s new mom with a new oh-lala body, Nicole Richie.

    Satin or black?

    Arriving at the DCMA Collective flagship store opening in Los Angeles, the socialite was clad in a sexy satin which flattered her postbaby breasts well. Well Nicole might be complaining of her new ‘bountiful’ front, but I don’t think she’d be able to pull off this dress without that sexy cleavage.

    Really Nicole, most women would surely trade anything to have those boobies. Enjoy it while it lasts girl, if it’s any consolation, you won’t have those forever.

    On the other side of the photo is Nicole looking classy wearing a Miu Miu frock paired with Louboutins at Prada’s presentation of Trembled Blossoms in Beverly Hills. I certainly think Nicole should flaunt her new curves more often. Anybody could definitely see her transformation from a notorious socialite to a changed woman. This look sure shows a mature and wiser Nicole.

    Looking at Nicole Richie with those two different looks makes one surely think that motherhood suits her really well. And it’s not just her post-baby curves I’m talking about, it’s that inner glow and contentment that only a new-born can give.

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