Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Review: Super 8

    So I just saw 'Super 8', and in a nutshell... It was cute. It is one of the few original movies of the summer and it did entertain, but it just needed a bit more.

    Here is my vague review of 'Super 8'
    • The kids were believable and exciting to watch.
    • The story was solid, but very Steven Spielberg-ish.
    • The monster wasn't scary at all. Actually, the monster was something I would see from Doctor Who. In fact, it felt like a DW story.
    • The characters were fun and fit the overall mood of the film. They were not planted for sex appeal or the cute factor... That's almost rare these days.
    • There was a nice nod to George Romero.
    • I didn't like the 'feel good' pieces of the movie, but it didn't distract from the film.
    • The movie is supposed to be in 1979, but there were a few discrepancies (Sony walkman and Wonder Woman's costume)
    • The collaboration of the teen movie makers were perfect.
    • In some ways, this was E.T. for a new generation.
    • It was predictable in most parts, but it was good to see original film.
    In all, it was a good movie. Nice pace, good storytelling nice outcome. I recommend it.Source URL:
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